St. James Lutheran Church

Quincy Illinois

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Welcome to St. James Lutheran Church
Welcome to St. James Lutheran Church


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Learn more about St James Lutheran School
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View St James Lutheran Church Sermons


St. James is holds Sunday Services at 8:00am and 10:30am. 

The worship service will also be on the radio at 9:30 on 930 WTAD. In addition, our service will be available on Facebook

The Central Illinois district has sent out a list of ways in which you will still have access to the proclamation of the Word. One I would highlight for you is KFUO radio from St. Louis. It has all religious programming. Some in our area can get KFUO at 950 on the am dial. Others get it by going to It is our synod’s only radio station. I especially like the fact that from roughly 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. all they have on is Christian music. The district’s suggestions are attached to this letter. In addition to their suggestions they listed the stations the Lutheran Hour is available in Central Illinois. You can also access the Lutheran Hour at any time by going to

Pastoral and Elder Care

Hospital, nursing home and assisted living visitation is not permitted at this time due to the restrictions established by those organizations. The Pastor, elders and all members are encouraged to stay in touch with any whom we know to be isolated. Obviously we mean by phone. First and foremost inquire about their health. In addition, ask if there is anything they need.

Pastor Rempfer is willing to make any home visit. He will not visit if he is sick. He will contact you by phone prior to any visit he will be making. In addition you should feel free to call the office. We can visit and pray via phone or he is willing to come by your home.


President Harrison said it well, "Now is the time to be generous". That is true both to support the proclamation of the Gospel and to care for others. Your regular offerings and other gifts may be mailed to the church, dropped off at the church office, or placed in the offering plate at worship services.  We continue to encourage your consideration of the Joyful Response electronic contribution program.  Contact the church office regarding Joyful Response

Our Mission

In the midst of our circumstances our mission hasn’t changed. Our mission: To See Jesus and Cause Him to Be Seen. We have said we want that mission to be accomplished in my life, in my home, in our church, in our School, in our community. May God enable us to accomplish that mission as He feeds and cares for us and we care for one another and our community.

Philippians 4:7 the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

God’s Peace be with you

Keith Klusmeyer, Congregational Chairman
Bob Gooding, Chairman of the Board of Elders
Pastor Rempfer